About Sustainable Film

Sustainable Film is a sustainability tool for film and TV productions.

The tool is developed in collaboration between Greentime and Film i Väst.


The tool is based on the Sustainable Development Goals and covers social, environmental, and economic aspects. We have broken down the large open field of ”sustainability” into clear, concrete questions to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for you as a filmmaker.

We believe that the greatest change can be achieved if you who are planning a production understand and know why each question is important. Therefore, we have chosen to put a lot of energy into the design of each question, as well as chosen to divide the right global goals and info close at hand with each question, all to make it easier for you.

The right information in the right place
Everything about sustainability in film production is gathered here, forget eager googling for information or technical terms.  By answering questions in a structured format, you will earn points and realize that what was once complex becomes simple. Through gamification of the design, the point system motivates you to do more.komplexa blir enkelt. Poängplockningen motiverar dig att göra mer.

The structure shows the way

In the Sustainable Film tool, you get an easy-to-use structure with environmental, social, and economic aspects. You get structure and the tool shows you the way, which saves you both time and money and maintains engagement.

But the most important thing is that you act and work more sustainably! We hope we can support you in making smarter choices for a more sustainable future.

If you want to know more about Sustainable Film, contact Ronny Fritsche
Mail: ronny@avokadofilm.se
Mobile: +46708394828